About Elpida

Elpida is an artist living and working in London. She is an oil painter currently working on as an artist in residence at King’s College. She was trained at St. Martin’s and Royal Academy.

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“New Painting” and “Real Art” are two terms that are now being used to describe a new wave in art arriving at a moment when the days of conceptualism and market spin are almost over after having ruled young British art for a decade. A step in the direction of craftsmanship has become inevitable and Elpida’s work is such an example of Real Art idealism, the perfect synthesis of concept, content and artist skill. As such Real Art is not a simple step backward into Eighties German and Italian young wild painting art. Considering Elpida’s background (Central St. Martins and Royal Academy) it does not come as a surprise that her work still leans very strong towards Nineties conceptualism. She is after all of the same generation as some of the big names.

Elpida’s work first got the attention of the art world when she won the Guinness prize for first time exhibitor in 1990, following the Royal Academy Degree show. She quickly established herself with her life size figurative paintings and their trademark sculpted bodies, inspired by newspaper cuttings and war photography. Her paintings were bought by renowned institutions and private collectors.

As one of the first artists to discover the Internet as an exhibition medium “Dossier of Classical Women: Art or Pornography?” was opened in Café Cyberia, known as the world’s first cyber café in March 1995. After a review in the Guardian visits to the website exploded bringing this Internet exhibition a phenomenal success. It became an instant classic bringing the entire European Internet backbone to a standstill. The pioneering website is still online and can be visited. Get the retro feel, this is the Internet in 1995!